Munchkin Duplicate Cards

Q: I see cards with the same name, but different text, in different sets.
A: That's not a question. It's a statement of fact.

There ARE cards with the same name but different text in different sets. This was sometimes on purpose, but not always. We don't think that it's a big problem. Changing card names would cause more annoyance than it's worth. But, so you know what's going on:

Cards With Significant Differences

British is a Loyalty in Munchkin Impossible and an Accent in Munchkin Booty. They are not the same; many British loyalists affect other accents, and many people with British accents are not loyal to the Crown in the least.

Cape occurs in both Munchkin Bites! (where it is a fashion statement, giving a combat bonus) and Super Munchkin (where it grants Flight).

Continuity Error occurs in both Star Munchkin and Munchkin Cthulhu, with completely different text. Maybe we can blame it on a continuity error?

Cult Membership Card is a powerful Treasure in Munchkin Cthulhu as well as a Munchkin Cthulhu promo card. They have completely different game-breaking effects.

Great Cthulhu occurs in both Star Munchkin and Munchkin Cthulhu, and "Great Cthulhoo" appears in Unspeakable Vault. His powers are different in every game, but always scary. This is on purpose; it's fun to have Cthulhu around, but it would be boring if he was always the same.

Kitchen Sink is a one-shot +3 item in Munchkin Cthulhu, and a reusable +4 item in Super Munchkin. I know which one I'd rather have. Explanations, explanations . . . hmm . . . "Superheroes can throw bigger sinks."

Mutant is a Race in Star Munchkin and a Class in Super Munchkin. This is completely on purpose. Mutants are a "class" in comic books, after all. We could have called them "Genelords" or something, but it was funnier to leave them Mutants and have the possibility of "Mutant Mutants" in a blender game.

Plot Device is an actual item-type device in Super Munchkin, and just a card that lets you mess with things in Star Munchkin. If we'd thought of the double meaning of "device" earlier, we would have used it in Star Munchkin. Better late than never.

Cards With Little Teeny Differences

Budget Armor has no value in Narrow S Cape, but is worth 100 gold pieces in Need for Steed. There is no reason for this. It wasn't deliberate. We have no explanation. Perhaps it's a question of workmanship?

Kill the Hireling / Kill a Hireling appears in Munchkin, Munchkin Fu, and Need for Steed. Basically the same card, with slightly changed wording as the game evolved from "one single Hireling who you can kill if you don't mind hacking off his master" to "lots of Hirelings all over the place."

Santa is a monster in Unnatural Axe. Santa Claus is a monster in Waiting for Santa. We think they're clones.

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