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A little while ago, I talked about some upcoming reprints of Munchkin booster packs. It occurs to me that I haven't mentioned teased our new boosters for the rest of the year. By all means, let me fix that oversight right now.

We (currently) have six new boosters on the schedule for the rest of 2015. In no particular order, and without giving away too much, I can tell you that:

  • One of them is Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd, which is in Steve's hands for some TLC. (Steve is the Law!) We still expect to see it this fall.
  • One of them is a companion to a previous Munchkin booster.
  • At least two of them are monster collections, like Munchkin Dragons and Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked.
  • One of them is useful as well as fun, and just may tie into one of our booster reprints this year . . . and maybe some new releases as well.
  • And a couple of them are so secret, I'm not even supposed to be talking about them! Whoops!

Got any speculation about what might be coming? Have requests for non-licensed boosters you want to see? Want to engage in random rumor-mongering about the boosters you think we might be working on for 2016? (Yes, we already have several boosters on next year's schedule!) Post your comments on the forums!

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