Halloween Week

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If you're running a Halloween game day (and if not, why not? We are!), we here at Team Munchkin have lots of games you can add to the festivities.

  • Munchkin Bites!: Play as a vampire, werewolf, or changeling. Kill the poor cattle who infest your world . . . and take their stuff!
  • Munchkin Zombies: Play as a zombie. Eat the braaaaaaiins of the unfortunate survivors of the zombie holocaust . . . and take their stuff!
  • Munchkin Cthulhu: Play as a monster whacker, professor, investigator . . . or a Cthulhu cultist! Uncover brain-twisting secrets and fight the Elder Gods . . . and take their stuff!
  • Munchkin Treasure Hunt: For the younger set! Wander around a dungeon, pick up loose treasures, fight the monsters living there . . . and take their stuff!
  • Add Munchkin Tricky Treats to any Munchkin game . . . and put Munchkin Undead on your wish list at your Friendly Local Game Store to be one of the first people to pick it up next month! (Do not take their stuff. They're real people and there are laws about that sort of thing.)

Special rule: If you're playing any variety of Munchkin in costume on Saturday, you get +2 in any combat against an Undead monster. Even if your costume represents the undead itself. Munchkins don't concern themselves with such things.

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