Munchkin Comics In Warehouse 23!

A good book can be hard to find, mainly because they don't have enough pictures. War and Peace? More like Snore and Peace, am I right? Well, toss all those leather bound classics out and start buying issues of the Munchkin comics, now available on Warehouse 23! Every issue, even the Deck the Dungeons holiday special, is in our store! This offer is perfect if you want to get single issues as opposed to the collected trade paperbacks Andrew told you about last week

Not only that, every issue you buy from Warehouse 23 comes with a special promotional goodie (card or bookmark)! By comparison, my copy of the "classic" Moby-Dick only came with dense prose and a stupid essay test at the end. I think we know what the REAL classic is. 

Pick up your single issues of the Munchkin comic from Warehouse 23 today!

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