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We have three fantastic new releases coming up this month!

  • Munchkin Knights, a great new booster set written by Devin Lewis and illustrated by Ian McGinty. We focused on dragons in Munchkin Dragons and Dragon's Trike; now it's the knights' turn!
  • Munchkin 6.5 – Terrible Tombs, a companion set to Munchkin 6 – Demented DungeonsMunchkin 6.5 stands alone -- you don't need Munchkin 6 to enjoy it! -- but you do need a Munchkin base game, ideally Munchkin itself or some other set with the original brown backs. Munchkin 6.5 was designed by the "dream team": Steve Jackson and John Kovalic!
  • Speaking of John, we have the rarest of the rare: the Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by John Kovalic himself! John had to turn down Munchkin Fu when we were first working on it, so the chance to go back to it and finally make it his set must have been impossible to resist.

Ask for these (and all our games!) at your Friendly Local Game Store, or just keep an eye here and on Warehouse 23 to find out when they go up for sale.

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