Two Munchkin Rule Changes You Need To Know

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In looking over the Munchkin FAQ (which we recently revised – see last week's Munchkin News), I realized that a fair number of those questions dealt with weird combat corner cases that the rules don't adequately cover. To (hopefully) simplify some of the arguments around game tables worldwide, we are making two global rule changes:

  1. Players may not be forced to help someone else in a combat that is for the win. If a player is forced to help someone in a combat and it later becomes a combat for the win, the helper is kicked out of the fight without penalty. This rule does not apply to voluntary helpers, who should have thought harder about what they were getting into. It also does not apply in the situation where the helper could win the game (Elves, mostly, but other cards can set up this situation); be careful when you choose a helper!
  2. If all monsters are removed from a combat, the combat ends immediately.

Both of these rules implement changes globally that we have already made to individual cards in newer Munchkin games and expansions. Rule 1 came about because many players over the years have been frustrated by being forced to help someone else win the game. Rule 2 deals with an annoying timing edge case by removing the edge case. It does make it slightly easier to win with an instant kill effect, but most of those require exactly the right card combo. We're also issuing official errata for two cards as a result of this rule:

    Death-Touch (from Munchkin Fu): At the end of this card, add "You do not get any rewards for that monster unless you defeat all remaining monsters."
    Churninator (from Munchkin Cthulhu): Add "unless this would give you the winning level" at the end of the first sentence.

These changes are now reflected in the Munchkin FAQ.

Unicorns and Friends After-Action Report

Thanks to the 2,423 backers who pledged $68,589 to make Munchkin Unicorns and Friends happen! We've already sent the files for the cards, Boxes of Holding, and Kill-O-Meter to our manufacturer, which puts us squarely on target for a December fulfillment date. If you're a backer, make sure you answer the BackerKit survey as soon as you get it to avoid delays!

We'll have more information soon about the 2019 retail release for those of you who wanted the set but couldn't back the Kickstarter, or who want a second set. Or a third.

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