Designer's Notes: Moop's Monster Mashup And Munchkin Magical Mess

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What on earth were you thinking?

It's amazing how often this question crops up in relation to Munchkin games, usually when someone flips over a card with a particularly piquant pun. But we don't usually get it about entire sets. That's why, when people shook their heads at Steve and me in amazement (I think it was amazement) after reading the cards in Moop's Monster Mashup and Munchkin Magical Mess, we were pretty sure it was time for a Designer's Notes article to get our side of the story out there talk about our process and why we wrote the sets the way we did.

You can read those Designer's Notes right here.

And if you haven't yet experienced the manic mayhem of Moop, you're missing out! Both Moop sets are complete games and are fully compatible with the classic Munchkin game if you want to shuffle them together. That would be the best kind of magical Munchkin monster madness!

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