Munchkin Comic Issue #5

Written by Tom Siddell and Shannon Campbell • Illustrated by Rian Sygh and Ian McGinty

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM05 * UPC 84428400427500511
May 2015

Issue #5 brings you THE FUTURE! with the story "12 Munchkies." Everyone lives underground now. The shadowy government decides to send someone back in time to rectify past mistakes. The time traveller runs into other time travellers, including a cyborg hunter sent to "terminate" a military leader, two high school kids on an Excellent Adventure, a crazy doctor, a young man who seem to be traveling back to the past/future, and Jeanne Claude Van Damme. Turns out the future was messed up by all these conflicting time-travelling jerks.

Also, have you ever wondered what's so bad about having a chicken on your head? Wonder no longer! "Chick-On-Head" reveals all.

Every first-printing copy contains an exclusive card for the game.

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