The Official Munchkin Promulgation of Promo Proxies

Designed by Steve Jackson, Andrew Hackard, Devin Lewis and Will Schoonover • Illustrated by John Kovalic, Katie Cook, Greg Hyland, Edwin Huang, Ian McGinty, Evan Palmer, Len Peralta and Rian Sygh

A booklet of promo cards for Munchkin!
Suggested Retail Price $7.95
Stock # SJG5654 * UPC 978-1-55634-966-9
September 2021

Munchkins have been kicking open doors, killing monsters, and grabbing treasure for more than two decades, and over this time we've created lots of special promo cards that will tempt you and enhance the Munchkin experience. In this book we've gathered some of our very favorite promo cards from the archives so that everyone has a chance to enjoy them!

A Warehouse 23 Exclusive!


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