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Number of Players
Play Time
1-2 Hours
Recommended Ages
Not for small children

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Munchkin Hipsters

• Developed by Devin Lewis • Illustrated by John Kovalic • Based on Steve Jackson's Munchkin

More mainstream cards for Munchkin. Yawn.
Suggested Retail Price $9.95
Stock # SJG4250 * UPC 837654322475
September 2017

We were munchkins before it was cool.

Hipsters adds 30 new cards that will let you defy The Man while wearing your Knit Cap and sipping on your Nonfat Soy No-Whip Skinny Half-Caf Fair Trade Ventitré Mocha Latte. Even though it's so last year, you can fight the Indie Band using your Artisanal Chunky Black Glasses and go up a level when you Reject the Conventional.


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Hipsters Rules (0.62 MB pdf)
  • Doors (14)

    • Curse! Bitten by a Caffeinated Hipster
    • Curse! Sold Out
    • Free-Range
    • Gluten-Filled
    • Hipster
    • Hipster
    • Hipster
    • Hopster
    • Indie Band
    • Lumberjerk
    • Obscure
    • Poseur
    • Pretentious
    • The Man

    Treasures (16)

    • Argyle Sweater Vest
    • Artisanal
    • Chunky Black Glasses
    • Craft Ale
    • Fixed Gear Bicycle
    • Hand-Sewn Leather Mocs
    • Knit Cap
    • Locally Sourced
    • Nonfat Soy No-Whip Skinny Half-Caf Fair Trade Ventitré Mocha Latte
    • Organic Health Potion
    • Reject the Conventional (GUAL)
    • Shop at the Thrift Store
    • Sustainable Vlogging (GUAL)
    • Skinny Denim Jeans
    • Vintage
    • Visit Farmer's Market (GUAL)
  • Retailer Resources for Munchkin
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