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1-2 Hours
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Munchkin Blender

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by John Kovalic

112 cards and rules in a tuckbox.
Suggested Retail Price $17.95
Stock # SJG1424 * UPC 978-1-55634-731-3
May 2007

Stir Things Up!

It's the ultimate party kit for Munchkin fans! Munchkin players really like to combine their sets . . . Munchkin, Star Munchkin, Munchkin Fu, all in one game. That gets really weird . . . but it can also slow the game down.

There are a lot of ways we COULD have addressed this problem. But this is Munchkin, so the solution we chose was to create a lot of really overpowered new cards. Why be a Super-Munchkin when you can be an Ultra-Munchkin? If a Half-Breed isn't enough, you can be a 1/3-Breed. And if a single Cheat! card doesn't do it for you, you can Cheat With Both Hands!

There are also a lot more monster enhancers . . . and ITEM enhancers, too. There are several new low-level monsters to help you get those easy kills. Unless somebody takes that Sock Puppet and turns it into the Ultra-Rare Extremely Sneaky Sock Puppet With Extra Cheese . . .

Munchkin till you drop! Munchkin Blender -- just add players!

This is a supplement, not a stand-alone game. It is meant to be combined with at least one Munchkin game, and preferably two or more, with or without other supplements.



  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Blender Rules (0.14 MB pdf)
  • Last updated March 18, 2011

    Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

    There are no reported errata for this printing.

    Corrected Errata

    Under Cards and Rules (page 1), replace "You must have at least one Class to play any of these cards," with "You must have at least two Classes to play any of these cards,".

    Corrected in the 2nd Printing (and totally omitted in the 3rd Printing)

    The back of the Card List has an ad with an incorrect address for guest artist Aeire's website. Her site is found at (.com is the wrong suffix).

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